AIDS Calgary Awareness Association
200-1509 Centre St. S., Calgary, AB T2G 2E6
Phone: (403) 508-2500
Fax: (403) 263-7358
Web site:
Contact: Zachary Barton, Youth Outreach Coordinator


Description: This peer driven education project is aimed at high-risk, street-involved youth. Workers and volunteers visit the streets and speak with youth about HIV and AIDS, sharing prevention messages and connecting them to the resources they need for safety, food and shelter. The program also offers group discussions for at-risk youth involved in programs with other youth servicing agencies on topics such as HIV/AIDS, sexual health, challenging stereotypes and other social issues. YouthXChange also offers support and counselling services to youth living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS.
Goal: To promote healthy choices youth can make to reduce their risk of getting or spreading HIV/AIDS.
Services: Street outreach; outreach at drop-in centres and at other programs; group discussions; support and counselling; tri-monthly zine; volunteer training; workshops; information and resources on practicing safer sex and avoiding behaviors or situations that could put youth at risk.
Youth Involvement: Youth are involved through our outreach team as volunteers as well as contributors to "Naked", a zine which is created by and for street youth.
Age Range: 15-24
Language: English

CBCA: Sexual & Reproductive Wellness Centre
304-301-14th St. NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2A1
Phone: (403) 283-5580
Fax: (403) 270-3209
Web site:
Contact: Jarrod Lakey

Youth Peer Education Project
Description: A peer-based education project facilitated by youth around issues of sexuality. Goal: To empower our peers to make safe and informed choices regarding sexuality and sexual health.
Services: Education programs; Web site (; youth group for GLBTQ population (Inside Out); monthly Q & A publication (Birds & Bees); zine for girls (Hear Me Roar); and booths/outreach.
Youth Involvement: The team members are youth and are responsible for developing programs and providing all the services listed above.
Age Range: 12-25
Language: English
Gay and Lesbian Community Services Association
206-223-12th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G9
Phone: (403) 234-8973
Fax: (403) 261-9776
Web site:
Contact: Jasmine

Inside Out
Description: A peer-facilitated group for GLBTQ youth, in a funky and safe environment. A variety of activities and resources are offered, including information on safer sex and HIV/AIDS prevention.
Goal: The group aims to let youth know they are not alone, and to connect them to their peers.
Services: Peer support (by phone or in person) for individuals with inquiries about GLBTQ issues; a Youth Package is available for youth who may be questioning his/her sexuality or the coming out process; resource library; and two youth-speci?c Web sites: and
Age Range: 15-25
Language: English
Red Cross
1205 - 11 Avenue SW, 2nd Floor, Calgary, AB T3C 3P6
Phone: (403) 541-6100
Fax: (403) 541-6129
Contact: Whiley Eagle Speaker

Tipi of Courage
Description: A tipi will be brought to Aboriginal gatherings as an HIV/AIDS awareness mobile "Community Centre". Current HIV/AIDS information as well as elder trainer teachings will be offered to Aboriginal people, including youth.
Goal: To educate about HIV/AIDS and empowering Aboriginal peoples, including youth, within Calgary and area to make healthier and safer choices.
Services: Tipi Mobile Community Centre provides information on HIV/AIDS prevention; trainers provide HIV/AIDS workshops and presentations in the community; and outreach volunteers, or "Warriors" provide outreach services.
Youth Involvement: Youth over 18 are engaged in all aspects of the program, including training, presentations and evaluation.
Age Range: All ages
Language: English
Street Teams/Safe House Society
210-534-17th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B1
Phone: (403) 228-3390
Fax: (403) 244-5202
Web site:
Contact: Leslie Evans, Executive Director

Description: The outreach team establishes and maintains relationships with street-involved youth involved in or at-risk of involvement in prostitution.
Goal: To help youth on the street stay safe and access resources, and to help youth work on personal goals in order to transition successfully to adulthood.
Services: One-on-one goal setting with youth; food and survival guides for street-involved youth; and helping youth access resources through one-on-one work and street outreach.
Youth Involvement: Youth decide on their goals in collaboration with staff.
Age Range: 13-17
Language: English

HIV Network of Edmonton Society (HIV Edmonton)
300, 11456 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0M1
Phone:(780) 488-5742 ext. 241
Fax: (780) 488-3735
Web site:
Contact: Lynn Sutankayo

Two Spirit Safe Communities Project
Description: The project is geared towards creating links between Two Spirit youth, community partners, youth organizations, and elders in order to create youth-friendly resources and education opportunities about HIV/AIDS.
Goal: To increase the sensitivity and capacity of existing organizations working with Two Spirit populations at risk for and living with HIV/AIDS, and to identify and establish collaborative relationships with existing organizations working with Two Spirit populations at risk for HIV/AIDS.
Services: The Project will result in the creation of capacity building and sensitivity workshops and resources aimed at stigma and discrimination around Two Spirit populations and HIV/AIDS. These workshops will be delivered to organizations working with Two Spirit populations at risk for and living with HIV/AIDS, including Two Spirit youth.
Youth Involvement: Youth are involved in assessing needs and creating resources and education opportunities for organizations working with youth.
Age Range: 15-24
Language: English
Inner City Youth Housing Project
P.O. Box 1892, MPO, Edmonton, AB T5J 2P3
Phone: (780) 406-1404
Fax: (780) 406-4391
Contact: Angela Desjardins or Kerri Nykolaychuk

Safe housing for inner-city and street involved youth.
Goal: To identify inner-city/transient youth who are out of home and connect them with appropriate resources and information (including, but not limited to, information on sexual health); and to work with youth to achieve life skills, educational/employment/training goals, so as to move towards greater self-sufficiency.
Services: The Inner City Housing Project operates six houses providing a total of 29 beds for youth. Referrals are provided to a variety of health services.
Youth Involvement: Youth are responsible for their Individual Service Plans, completed in conjunction with youth, parent(s)/guardian(s), and the Project Youth Worker.
Age Range: 12-18
Language: English
Planned Parenthood Edmonton
50-9912-106th St., Edmonton, AB T5K 1C5
Phone: (780) 423-3737
Fax: (780) 425-1782
Web site:
Contact: Brian Parker

TNT: Tough N' Talkin'
Description: TNT is a four-day summer camp to help young at risk men aged 14-17 build positive social relationship skills.
Goal: To explore issues of peer pressure and social stereotypes; to learn communication skills; to build sexual decision-making skills; and to learn con?ict resolution and problem-solving skills.
Services: The TNT program consists of four days ?lled with numerous games, activities and exercises that are meant to provide an atmosphere of self-awareness and personal growth.
Youth Involvement: Four youth leaders were hired to conduct a Participatory Action Research Study to determine what 14-17 year old males needed to learn about healthy relationships. The TNT camp is also run by peer educators.
Age Range: 14-17
Language: English
Students' International Health Association
c/o International Centre, 172 HUB Mall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2E2
Phone: (780) 492-0364
Fax: (780) 492-0364 (c/o Dr. Laing)
Web site:
Contact: Teri Palmer and Elaine Fung

Think Positive Test Negative
Description: Education workshops on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C are offered to various youth communities i.e. youth shelters, high schools and junior high schools.
Goal: To provide information, support and skills to youth in a non-judgemental way on sexuality, HIV prevention and harm reduction, through peer-facilitated workshops.
Services: Education and support through workshops in the community.
Youth Involvement: Workshop facilitators are between the ages of 17 and 25, and ensure that the presentation is interactive and engages youth to participate.
Age Range: 11-20
Language: English
HIV West Yellowhead
P.O. Box 2427, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0
Phone: (780) 852-5274
Fax: (780) 852-5273
Web site:
Contact: Jeffrey Shea

Peer Support in Jasper High School
Description: A youth-led peer support group that offers educational activities in the local high school.
Goal: To use peer education to reduce high risk behaviour among youth and foster self-esteem and respect for others.
Services: Presentations and workshops for local high school students. Presentations include theatre games designed to help youth de?ne their own values, needs, and boundaries so that they can communicate these more effectively with their partners and peers.
Youth Involvement: The Peer Support Group is youth-led - youth create and facilitate activities and presentations.
Age Range: 15-19
Language: English

HIV/AIDS Network of Southeastern Alberta Association (HANSEAA)
550C Allowance Ave. SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3E3
Phone: (403) 527-7099
Fax: (403) 527-7307
Web site:
Contact: Betty Christie

Care and Support Program
Description: Counselling, referrals, and financial assistance so that HIV-positive youth can attend HIV specialist physician appointments (as there is no specialized HIV/AIDS treatment available in the Palliser Health Region).
Goal: To provide accessible care and support to HIV-positive youth so that they can maximize their quality of life.
Services: Extensive resource library; free condoms; counselling (pre & post test); and support group.
Youth Involvement: Survey feedback and face to face interviews help to determine the needs of youth.
Age Range: 15 and up
Language(s): English, French and some African dialects

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