Action Séro Zéro
C.P. 246, succ. C, Montreal, QC H2L 4K1
Phone: (514) 521-7778
Fax: (514) 521-7665
Web site:
Contact: Christian Joubert

Male Sex Trade Workers Program
Description: This program is aimed at three categories of sex trade workers: dancers, escorts and street prostitutes.
Goal: The program aims to empower sex trade workers with regards to their physical and psychological health, with a focus on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and STIs. We also aim to demystify the sex trade for health care professionals and our partners in community organizations.
Services: Evening drop-in; needle exchange; distribution of condoms and lube; support; street outreach; referrals; information; food; STI screening; accompaniment for HIV/AIDS and STI screening tests; and more.
Youth Involvement: The program aims to be responsive to the needs of youth, so we use their feedback when planning our services and activities. Youth are invited to get involved in "The Urban Cowboy", a newspaper for sex trade workers that we created in collaboration with Anonymous, which includes a list of bad clients.
Age Range: 17 and up
Language(s): French above all, and English
Contact: Jean-Félix Perron

Re-Pairs is a group made up of male gay youth who are interested in and re?ect on the realities of HIV/AIDS and gay life through artistic creation (dance, video, painting, writing, sculpture, etc.).
Goal: To increase awareness of HIV/AIDS; to demystify homosexuality; and to prevent homophobia through artistic creation.
Services: Individual psychosocial support; accompaniment for HIV/AIDS and STI testing; artistic presentations to the community.
Youth Involvement: Two groups of ten youth are formed every year to create a common artistic project which is then presented in the community.
Age Range: 18-30
Language: French

AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM)
2075 Plessis, Basement Level, Montreal, QC H2L 2Y4
Phone: (514) 527-0928
Fax: (514) 527-0701
Web site:
Contact: Odette Pretty, Education and Prevention Director

HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop Series
Description: This series of five interactive workshops is designed to provide accurate information and encourage people to make and maintain choices they're comfortable with regarding sex, pleasure and their health. Issues behind prevention are also addressed such as creating healthy relationships, sexuality, and stigma/discrimination.
Goal: To improve HIV awareness and build skills for sexual health by providing accurate information as well as addressing some of the reasons people engage in risky behaviour.
Services: We offer workshops ("The ABC's of HIV", "Safer Sexuality" and "Smart Body Art"); answer anonymous questions over the phone and through e-mail; and refer people to our Web site for information on HIV, sex, condom comebacks, drug use, and safer body art.
Youth Involvement: We train and support youth volunteers to deliver all of the workshops, and this team meets several times a year for ongoing training and to plan future activities. They suggest new workshop topics, evaluate and adapt the activities and materials, and evaluate their own workshops.
Age Range: 14-25
Language: English

Youth Leadership Program
Description: Youth volunteers are trained and supported to create, adapt, deliver and evaluate prevention programs.
Goal: To develop presentation and leadership skills in the youth that participate.
Services: We offer basic presentation training once a year and follow-up training or feedback opportunities four times a year. We produce a resource manual that includes all of our workshops, personal accounts by people living with HIV, theories about behaviour change, and ways to talk about emotionally charged subjects.
Youth Involvement: Youth volunteers suggest topics for upcoming trainings and do outreach to publicize and book new workshops.
Age Range: 18-25
Language: English

Centre for AIDS Services of Montreal (Women)/Centre d'action sida Montréal (femmes)
1750 St-André, Montreal, QC H2L 3T8
Phone: (514) 495-0990
Fax: (514) 495-8087
Web site:
Contact: Kathleen Myers
HIV Prevention in Schools
Description: Testimonials given by individuals living with HIV/AIDS, including youth, to high schools and community organizations, plus quizzes and games designed to test their knowledge.
Goal: To create awareness, and prevent HIV/AIDS.
Services: Testimonials are offered as a method of HIV/AIDS prevention education, followed by a question period. Individual counselling is available upon request.
Youth Involvement: Youth offer personal testimonials about living with HIV/AIDS.
Age Range: 13-25
Language(s): French and English

Coalition sida des sourds du Québec (CSSQ)
320-2075, rue Plessis, Montreal, QC H2L 2Y4
Phone: (514) 521-1780 (ATS) S.R.B. 1-800-855-0511
Fax: (514) 521-1137
Contact: Michel Turgeon

A Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth
Description: CSSQ works to educate Quebec's deaf community about the risks of contracting HIV and STIs. Many youth use the services offered by CSSQ.
Goal: To offer support and HIV/AIDS prevention-education to deaf and hard of hearing youth.
Services: Support (discussion groups, support groups, interpretation and more) and prevention-education (safer-sex workshops, awareness activities, condom distribution, HIV/AIDS and STI information and more).
Youth Involvement: Youth have created an illustrated handbook about HIV/AIDS prevention aimed at educating deaf and hard of hearing youth in a school setting.
Age Range: 12-25
Language: French

Comité des personnes atteintes du VIH du Québec (CPAVIH)
310-2075, rue Plessis, Montreal, QC H2L 2Y4
Phone: (514) 521-8720
Fax: (514) 521-9633
Web site:
(see J.A.S.E. below)
Les Enfants de Béthanie
8454, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2P 2G8
Phone: (514) 384-8160
Fax: (514) 384-3092
Web site:éthanie
(see J.A.S.E. below)

Maison Plein-Coeur
1611, rue Dorion, Montreal, QC H2K 4A5
Phone: (514) 597-0554
Fax: (514) 597-2788
Web site:
Jeunes Adultes Séropositifs(tives) Ensemble (J.A.S.E.)
English Translation: HIV-positive Young Adults Together

(CPAVIH, Les Enfants de Béthanie and Maison Plein Cœur work together to create J.A.S.E.)
Contact: Pascal (CPAVIH), Jean-Benoit (Maison Plein Cœur), Sylvain (Les Enfants de Béthanie)
Web site:

J.A.S.E. aims to break the isolation often experienced by HIV-positive youth through discussion and support; actively involving HIV-positive youth in the coordination of J.A.S.E. and related activities; and making information accessible.
Goal: To offer HIV-positive youth the resources and support they need so that they can maximize their quality of life, including their physical and psychological health, while allowing them space to express themselves.
Services: "Drop-in" centre; social activities; support; and referrals.
Youth Involvement: Youth are involved through the creation of a J.A.S.E. Web site; youth organize social activities and workshops; and youth also participate in regional and national HIV/AIDS-related committees and projects.
Age Range: 16-29
Language(s): French and English

Centre des R.O.S.E.S.
380, rue Richard, bureau 220, Rouyn-Noranda, QC J9X 4L3
Phone: (819) 764-9111
Fax: (819) 762-9697
Web site:
Contact: Samir Baccouche
Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
Description: Workshops and meetings organized by youth on HIV/AIDS and related issues.
Goal: To educate and raise awareness among youth about HIV/AIDS and sexual health.
Services: Help line; educational workshops; individual and group meetings, and more.
Youth Involvement: All activities and meetings are organized by youth.
Age Range: 12-17
Language: French

Sidaction (Trois-Rivières) Inc.
5366 Boul. Jean XXIII, Trois-Rivières, QC G8Z 4A7
Phone: (819) 374-5740
Fax: (819) 374-5932
Prevention Continuum
Description: Three prevention workshops for youth on HIV/AIDS, STIs, and how to effectively use condoms.
Goal: To reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other STIs by increasing knowledge of risky and safe behaviours, and increasing effective condom use.
Services: Educational workshops; and assistance for PLWHIV/AIDS and those close to them.
Youth Involvement: Youth participate in the evaluation of the workshops.
Age Range: 12-18
Language: French

Hospital for Sick Children University of Toronto Positive Youth Outreach CATIE