What meds are out there?
Types of Drug Treatments
I'm young - why should I take meds?
If I eat lots of fruits and veggies can I stay healthy without meds?
Are there side effects to the meds?
If the side effects get too much to handle - can I stop taking my meds?
I don't have enough to buy my meds!
How do I remember to take my meds?
What's the big deal about stopping and starting my meds when I want?
I heard I can die if I mix recreational drugs and my medication - is that true?
I heard there is a drug you can take to get rid of HIV, is this true?

I’m young – why should I take meds?

To help you keep your viral load low and your CD4 count high so you don’t get sick.

Even though you are young – and may feel really healthy – you need to remember that you are HIV positive. And that being HIV positive means you have a virus in your body that is attacking your immune system. So – it would be best to look into whether or not you need to take meds, with the help of your doctor.

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