What meds are out there?
Types of Drug Treatments
I'm young - why should I take meds?
If I eat lots of fruits and veggies can I stay healthy without meds?
Are there side effects to the meds?
If the side effects get too much to handle - can I stop taking my meds?
I don't have enough to buy my meds!
How do I remember to take my meds?
What's the big deal about stopping and starting my meds when I want?
I heard I can die if I mix recreational drugs and my medication - is that true?
I heard there is a drug you can take to get rid of HIV, is this true?

I don’t have enough money to buy my meds!

HIV meds are really expensive- especially when you are taking lots of different meds every day!

If you have health insurance you often just have to pay a small cost at the drug store every time you get your meds. Most provinces will help you pay for meds if you don't have insurance. Make sure your doctor knows about your financial situation before he or she prescribes meds for you.

If you're taking HIV meds and are having problems paying for them, an HIV/AIDS organization might be able to help you. Getting Help section for more information]

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