What is Complementary Therapy?

What is Alternative Therapy?

North American Aboriginal Healing

North American Aboriginal Healing

Aboriginal people across Canada practice different ways of healing than conventional Western medicine. They focus on the whole person. When they look at the whole person, they look at 4 parts, the physical part (your body), the emotional part (your feelings), the spiritual part (the power outside of yourself) and the intellectual part (your mind).

When you are seeking healing, according to Aboriginal tradition, you focus on each part of yourself and try to get them balanced. Also, Aboriginal tradition teaches that healing happens in community. This means that healing happens when people try to heal their relationships with the world around them (with their families, friends, the environment, & the Great Spirit).

There are a lot of things that Aboriginal communities do to help people heal the 4 parts of themselves. Here are some examples:

  • sweat lodges
  • baths
  • Medicinal herbs (tobacco, cedar, sage & sweet grass)

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