Good Food Choices
A Healthy, "Balanced" Diet
The 4 Food Groups:
  Fruits & Vegetables
  Protein Foods
  Bread & Cereals
  Dairy Foods
Last but not least: WATER!
How does water help my body?
Can I drink sports drinks like Gatorade to help give me the minerals I have lost?
Why am I losing weight?
What's wasting?
How do I gain weight?
Are there any foods I should avoid?
What about taking vitamin and mineral pills?

Why am I losing weight?

By eating lots of food, especially food that is fattening, you will gain weight. And, if you eat less food, you will lose weight. But if you are HIV positive you can lose weight for a number of other reasons, such as:

  1. HIV meds or opportunistic illnesses can make you lose your appetite. When you’re not eating, you end up losing weight.

  2. Your energy level can get low and you may not be active enough to make yourself hungry. As a result, you don’t end up eating complete meals.

  3. Sometimes HIV-positive people get something called malabsorption and their bodies cannot take in nutrients properly. When this happens, often people lose energy and lose their appetite.

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