Good Food Choices
A Healthy, "Balanced" Diet
  The 4 Food Groups:
Link Arrow Fruits & Vegetables
Link arrow Protein Foods
Link arrow Bread & Cereals
Link arrow Dairy Foods
Last but not least: WATER!
How does water help my body?
Can I drink sports drinks like Gatorade to help give me the minerals I have lost?
Why am I losing weight?
What's wasting?
How do I gain weight?
Are there any foods I should avoid?
What about taking vitamin and mineral pills?

How do I gain weight?

Talk to your doctor about ways to gain weight. You may need to take extra measures to build and keep muscle tissue and protein stores in your body. The foods that help you do this best are high in protein. Food like meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, cheese, brown rice and rolled oats, potatoes and whole grain pastas are great ways of getting more protein. Some people have favourite recipes or use pictures of food in cookbooks or on the Internet to get ideas on how to make their food tasty and the colourful pictures sometimes can make you really hungry!

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