Good Food Choices
A Healthy, "Balanced" Diet
The 4 Food Groups:
  Fruits & Vegetables
  Protein Foods
  Bread & Cereals
  Dairy Foods
Last but not least: WATER!
How does water help my body?
Can I drink sports drinks like Gatorade to help give me the minerals I have lost?
Why am I losing weight?
What's wasting?
How do I gain weight?
Are there any foods I should avoid?
What about taking vitamin and mineral pills?

Are there any foods I should avoid?

The normal sugar level in the bloodstream is about one teaspoon.
A single can of soda or a bowl of ice cream has 12 teaspoons of sugar.
Try finding foods that are more gently sweetened with fruit juice, rice syrup or barley malt.

Coffee has caffeine in it. Caffeine can make you anxious and hyperactive and can make it hard to sleep. You need your sleep and all the energy you can get. So stay away from coffee because it drains us of energy! Or try milder forms of caffeine such as green tea, or try a caffeine-free coffee.

When you drink a lot of alcohol it can hurt your liver and make you feel depressed. If you have hepatitis B or C you should pay special attention to any added stress to the liver.

Raw Foods: Try to stay away from foods like clams, oysters, sushi, very rare meats and undercooked eggs. Cook all meats and eggs before eating them and wash raw fruits and vegetables before eating them.

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