Good Food Choices
A Healthy, "Balanced" Diet
The 4 Food Groups:
  Fruits & Vegetables
  Protein Foods
  Bread & Cereals
  Dairy Foods
Last but not least: WATER!
How does water help my body?
Can I drink sports drinks like Gatorade to help give me the minerals I have lost?
Why am I losing weight?
What's wasting?
How do I gain weight?
Are there any foods I should avoid?
What about taking vitamin and mineral pills?

What about taking vitamin and mineral pills?

Vitamins and minerals are important because they help the cells in your immune system stay healthy and keep your eyes, skin and bones healthy. Studies show that taking a good multivitamin with minerals helps people with HIV live longer because it helps build a strong immune system. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to take a daily multivitamin and mineral pill. Look for ones that have iron in it. Taking these pills doesn’t make up for eating unhealthy foods and taking too many pills can make you very sick. Since these pills can be expensive, you might want to apply for them to be covered by provincial programs. The pharmacist at your local drug store can help you pick out a good vitamin and mineral pill. Also, your local AIDS committee or HIV clinic may give you some financial support for nutritional supplements like multivitamin and mineral pills.

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