I think she/he likes me! What should I do?
Am I ready to have sex?
Deciding to have sex
Sex when you're using street or party drugs
How do I get my partner to have safer sex?
If my partner and I are both HIV positive do I still have to use protection?
Always use condoms!
All about lube
Other ways to have safer sex

I think she/he likes me! What should I do?

You have butterflies in your stomach and it’s hard to talk! Have you ever felt this way? When you start getting to know someone you like, or who likes you, it can feel weird! All these questions start to pop up, like: How do I know when I like someone like that? What if he holds my hand? Shouldn’t I have kissed someone by the time I’m 15?

When you are HIV positive you may have other questions, like: Can I give HIV to my girlfriend if I hold her hand or kiss her? Whatever you decide to do or whoever you decide to date—remember that you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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