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Always use condoms!
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If you are not using condoms, you are not having safer sex. You can get free condoms at community centres and agencies, AIDS service organizations and health clinics.

How do I use a condom?

Putting a condom on a penis:

  1. Take the condom out of the wrapper carefully (watch out that your fingernails don’t tear the condom).
  2. Put a drop of lube inside the condom or on the head of your penis before putting on the condom-not too much, you don’t want that condom to slip off!
  3. Pinch the tip of the condom.
  4. Roll the condom down your penis.
  5. Use plenty of water-based lube outside the condom, NOT oil-based stuff like Vaseline or baby oil because these weaken the latex condom and may cause it to break.

Flavored condoms
Use flavoured condoms for blow jobs and going down on a woman (licking and kissing around her vagina). They’re OK for sex as long as you are not sensitive/allergic to the flavouring.

Expiry dates
All condom packages should have an expiry date. You should NOT use the condom after this date. Throw them away if the date has passed. Never store condoms in direct sunlight or in places that are very hot or cold. Putting condoms in a drawer beside your bed could make it easier for you to use them!

Check out different sizes and thickness. Some condoms are thinner than others; some are wider. Find one that’s comfortable and the right fit for you.

Ladies, you can wear condoms too!

You can also use a female condom to make sure you are protected. The female condom has two flexible rings, one on the top and one on the bottom (where it’s open). Here is how to use it:

  1. Put the top ring into your vagina to cover your cervix (this is an organ inside your vagina).
  2. The bottom ring stays outside of your vagina. You can put it in minutes or hours before you have sex, but don’t leave it in for too long because it can cause yeast infections or TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

IMPORTANT: A female condom also fits into your butt hole and both guys and gals can use it for anal sex.

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