I think she/he likes me! What should I do?
Am I ready to have sex?
Deciding to have sex
Sex when you're using street or party drugs
How do I get my partner to have safer sex?
If my partner and I are both HIV positive do I still have to use protection?
Always use condoms!
All about lube
Other ways to have safer sex


This is when you pay special attention to the person you are interested in. You may spend more time with them, listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes and make them cards. When you like someone, it’s hard to concentrate and be yourself. Here are some ideas of how to flirt and keep things in perspective:

  • Reverse roles. How do you like to be flirted with? Consider doing or saying something similar.
  • Get perspective. If the person isn't interested, know that it's their loss and not yours.
  • Start small. Don't expect to say and do everything the first time.
  • Be yourself. Let them know who you are from the start. If they don't like your personality, chances are that you won't like their personality.
  • Go with it. If they seem interested, do what comes naturally.
  • Back away. If they don't seem interested, stop.
  • Forget about it. If they treat you with disrespect, be thankful you didn't waste any more time on them. They're obviously not worth it.
  • Keep your eyes open. After all that effort, they may not seem so great. Flirting doesn't make you committed for life. If they're interested but you're not, tell them. (spiderbytes.ca)

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