I think she/he likes me! What should I do?
Am I ready to have sex?
Deciding to have sex
Sex when you're using street or party drugs
How do I get my partner to have safer sex?
If my partner and I are both HIV positive do I still have to use protection?
Always use condoms!
All about lube
Other ways to have safer sex
Am I ready to have sex?

The best way to make this decision is to talk to your family, friends or health professional (doctor, nurse, social worker).

Check out the Wondering what to do and when quiz to help you make this decision:

If you’re thinking about having sex it’s also good to know…

  • The risk of different sexual activities. Some activities are more risky than others. Know the risk (high or low) before you start.
  • Information on different sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and how they are passed on. Go to a library, works office, sex store or community health organization and find information on this. You can also talk to a health professional or check out the section on STIs.

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