I think she/he likes me! What should I do?
Am I ready to have sex?
Deciding to have sex
Sex when you're using street or party drugs
How do I get my partner to have safer sex?
If my partner and I are both HIV positive do I still have to use protection?
Always use condoms!
All about lube
Other ways to have safer sex

Sex when you’re using street or party drugs:

When you’re high on drugs, you have to be very sure you’re using the condom right. If you’re high and having sex, it’s harder to be in control. You might be talked into having unsafe sex very easily, you might pass out, or you might just not care that much because you are more into your high than protecting yourself.

Have condoms or dental dams around—beside your bed, in your bag or somewhere where you’ll see them. That way, you’ll probably think to use them, especially if you are drunk or high. If you are planning to party, plan to be safe, too—pack condoms or dental dams and lube along with your drugs.

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