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How do I get my partner to have safer sex?

1. Be straight forward. Tell them, "If we are going any further we need to use a condom.” Stick to this. If your partner does not want to use a condom, you should use one (there are condoms for girls and guys!) or don’t have sex with that person. Research has shown that if you use condoms early on in a relationship you are more likely to keep using them.

2. Include condoms in foreplay—make them sexy!

“My boyfriend talks dirty to me just before we have sex. He tells me he is going to cum inside me, and I find it really hot. The whole time he is putting on an extra thin condom and lubing his penis. Talking about it is hot, but we still protect each other.”

Sometimes focusing on putting on the condom can be a turn-off. So, think about having sex with your partner and how hot they are when you are putting on the condom.

3. Talk it over with your partner. Talk it over with your partner. Hot sex usually happens when you are comfortable and honest about what you want and open about what turns you on. Sex isn’t just about sticking it in. There are lots of fun and sexy things you can do. Try different things, play and talk to your partner about things you want to try.

If you feel you can’t talk to your partner about safer sex, get help—talk to a counsellor or someone you trust about getting tips that might help. Drop into your community health centre; they have lots of people to talk to about sexual health matters. Don’t be embarrassed or nervous, they talk to people about sex all the time.

4. To learn more about dating and disclosure, check out the dating section of Who should I tell?

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