How will my life change?
How do I do this?
Your body may change

How do I do this?

You may want to look into taking medication and making some changes to your life so you stay as healthy as possible.

Making changes can be hard and you may be thinking “forget it!” Often when you are feeling sick or stressed out, or if people are giving you a hard time, taking care of yourself gets even harder.

Don’t be discouraged. You can make changes and stay healthy. A lot of other youth have been in the same situation as you. Sometimes the easiest way to make change is to get help from other people. There are lots of things you could do to get help if you want it:

  • talk to other HIV-positive youth
  • go to counselling
  • talk with family and friends
  • talk to your doctor or health care provider
  • do some fun activities
  • volunteer with an HIV/AIDS organization

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