If you decide to tell
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Do I have to tell anyone?

If you decide to tell…

Telling people you care about that you are HIV positive can be totally overwhelming and scary. But sometimes telling someone can make things easier. Maybe you have already told people and you have family and friends that support you. But maybe you haven't told anyone you are HIV-positive.

Deciding who and when to tell and what to say is hard. If you decide to tell someone, think it over first. Remember, people may or may not have a good reaction to the news.

Talking to people to get advice about how to tell others that you have HIV can be really helpful. If you’re not sure who to talk to, here are some ideas: a counselor, doctor, nurse, social worker or other people who have experienced the same situation. (how did they go about telling people their news?).

If you decide to tell family and friends, you could also give them some educational materials that will help them understand HIV. Check out the Getting Help section for more information on where to get HIV information.

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