If you decide to tell
Medical Professionals
Do I have to tell anyone?


“I was really scared to tell my best friend that I had HIV, but I talked to my mom and she told me that if I wanted to I could. So I did and she didn’t freak out or anything —she just asked me a bunch of questions. It was good to talk about it. Now she knows and is cool with it, so I feel good and that’s cool”

"I think that friends come and go so I don’t trust any friends enough to tell them I am HIV positive”

“When I take my meds at sleepovers and stuff I just tell my friends that I have a problem with my immune system or that I have a blood disorder. My nurse told me that it was better to tell part of the truth so I remember what I tell people and I feel less guilty about lying.”

You don’t have to tell your friends that you are HIV positive. Friends may come and go, so you may want to think about whom you trust enough to tell. Telling people is a very personal decision.

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