What is co-infection?
What is an STI?
How do I get an STI?
How will I know if I have an STI?
Is it easier to get an STI if I have HIV?
Will douching stop you from getting STIs?
Common Crotch Concerns
  Genital Herpes
  Genital Warts
Hepatitis C (HCV)
Tuberculosis (TB)

How will I know if I have an STI?

Sometimes you can get an STI and not know you have one. Other times you'll know! It might burn when you pee and you might have discharge like yellow and white pus that will come out of your vagina or your penis. You can also get sores and rashes on all parts of your body. If you think you may have an STI, go to a doctor to find out what you can do.

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